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Whether you are renovating or building your dream home, our range of spray on concrete, stone resurfacing coatings or Epoxy Coatings will complement any style or design.


Resurface your new or old concrete with one of our anti slip spray on concrete, Stone Paving or Epoxy Coatings in Melbourne Victoria.

Spray On Concrete Gallery

Saving you money and time over replacement 

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Before Spray on Concrete

After Spray on Concrete

Gunmetal Exposed Finish Driveway

Spray on Exposed Concrete Finish

Plain colour over stencil

Spray on Exposed Coating

Concrete Resurfacing To Pool Area

Spray on Concrete Tile Pattern

Driveway Before Resurfacing

Driveway After Spraying Exposed Finish

Diamond Tile Resurfacing to Shopping Centre

Spray on Exposed Pergola

Spray on Exposed Concrete Finish

Grinding and Preparing Concrete

Custom Design Concrete Resurfacing

Large Tile with Exposed Finish to Driveway

Driveway Before Spray on Paving 

Driveway After Spray on Paving

Before Spray on Paving

After Spray on Paving

Spray on Concrete Paving Gallery includes before and after Decorative Concrete Resurfacing photos of Exposed Finish, Tile Stencil plus various Pattern Paving to Driveways, Pergolas and paths etc.. in Melbourne Victoria.

Spray on Exposed Concrete Driveway

Alfresco before Concrete Resurfacing

Alfresco after Concrete Resurfacing

Exposed Concrete Finish

Exposed Finish Over Slate Impression

Tile Pattern Resurfacing just Finished

Spray on Concrete to Driveway

Exposed Finish

Driveway Before Concrete Resurfacing

Driveway After Concrete Resurfacing

Caramel with Cobblestone Spray on Paving

Concrete Resurfacing To Pool Area

Spray On Exposed and Brick Stencil Pattern

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Concrete Driveway before Resurfacing

Concrete Driveway after Resurfacing