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Let us do the hard work and clean those dirty surfaces


Remove stains, mould, bird droppings, dirt, dust etc from your external surfaces with our high and low pressure cleaning services in Melbourne Victoria. Our team at Spray on Professionals use only the latest cleaning equipment and cleaning products to remove even the most stubborn and unwanted build up from the harmful effects of the environment.


Servicing a wide range of clients Homes, Shops, Schools, Retirement villages, Carparks and Driveways etc

Cleaning build up from exterior surfaces will not only improve them visually, but also assist where a potential health and safety issues that may occur, as build up of dirt, mould, algae, oils and fungus etc can create a dangerous slip hazard under foot for yourself, friends, family, general public, employees or even tenants.


Whether you are selling your property and would like to add value and appeal, providing a safer workplace for your employees or would like to just be surrounded in clean surfaces.  I recommend for you to get in contact with us today and have our team give your property a once over.  


We service both Residential & Commercial cleaning Concrete, Paving, Bricks, Render, Timber and even some materials.

Some examples of the types of areas are as follows:

- Driveways

- Paths

- Patios

- Pool areas

- Car parks

- Sporting facilities

- Retaining walls

- Fences

- Decks

- Walls



High Pressure Washing

High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning