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Whether you are renovating or building your dream home, our range of spray on concrete, stone resurfacing coatings or Epoxy Coatings will complement any style or design.


Resurface your new or old concrete with one of our anti slip spray on concrete, Stone Paving or Epoxy Coatings in Melbourne Victoria.

Spray on Concrete


Saving you money and time on complete replacement


Spray on Concrete Resurfacing is a process using a Polymer cement resurfacing coating that has been specifically designed and formulated to be applied to any concrete or asphalt surface, both new or old, to create a very hard wearing decorative finish. Our spray on concrete coatings bond rigidly to existing suitable concrete surfaces, creating a natural, textured and decorative surface for a wide variety of areas including concrete driveways, carparks, courtyards, paths etc..


Spray on Concrete Resurfacing will not only save you money and time on complete replacement, but will add enormous impact, appeal and value to your property. 


We offer a 10 Year Warranty on our wide range of spray on stencil patterns, custom designs and exposed aggregate finishes to achieve the desired look. These applications provide an easy and affordable restoration alternative rather than the expensive option of concrete or asphalt replacement.


Our spray on concrete paving, resurfacing products achieve a very high compressive strength of 45mpa, x2 times stronger than standard concrete, with excellent abrasive and anti slip resistant properties.


Spray on Concrete Resurfacing is a low cost restoration option to the replacement of existing concrete or asphalt.



Resurfacing process


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1 Crack Repair

2 Masking Stencil Tile Pattern

Spray on Concrete Long Tile

Spray on Concrete Tile Pattern

Our team of contractors prepare the existing concrete or asphalt surface prior to resurfacing by removing any existing concrete coatings like paint if necessary, then high pressure washing and repairing any defects.
If you require, our team can also pour new concrete slabs and extensions if necessary. Then allow new concrete to cure for up to 28 days before resurfacing.
Spray on Stencil Paving Patterns : Spray a base coat usually in grey colour, lay chosen pre cut stencil or hand mask pattern. Spray two top coats of coloured concrete, remove stencil and masking then a specially suited solvent based sealer is applied.
Spray on Exposed Aggregate Finish : Spray two base coats of the chosen coloured concrete, then fleck numerous concrete colours to imitate stone or pebble in the surface, generally up to 3 to imitate an exposed aggregate concrete look, remove masking then a specially suited solvent based sealer is applied.
Spray on Custom Decorative Designs : Custom design chosen will depict application process.
Once Spray on Concrete Resurfacing application has been completed a curing time is require of:
* Vehicles - 7 days  
* Foot traffic - 3 to 5 hours pending weather conditions
* Furniture - 4 days
 Click on thumbnail to view enlarged image 

Large Tile with Exposed Finish to Driveway

Driveway Resurfacing Close up

Before Exposed Finish Resurfacing

After Exposed Finish Resurfacing

Cream Exposed Finish to Driveway

Gunmetal Exposed Finish Driveway

Old Paint Removal

Spray on Large Tile Close up