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Concrete High Pressure Cleaning and Resealing


Is your concrete looking dull, dirty and tired?


Although coloured concrete is an extremely hard wearing and durable surface, it does however require basic maintenance.  Correct concrete maintenance will greatly extend the life and protect the appearance of your investment. 


High Pressure Cleaning your concrete on a regular basis will remove dirt, mould, oil and other contaminants that have been dropped, blown or washed onto the surface that could lead to permanent staining.

Most external concrete surfaces require resealing every 3-5 years as UV sunlight and on going abrasive wear, break down existing sealer coatings.  Leaving your concrete surface unprotected to pollutants that can be absorbed by the small pores within your concrete surface. 


Applying sealer to your concrete, not only improves the appearance of your decorative concrete by adding luster and sheen, it will add abrasion resistance, make it easier to clean, protect it from the harsh Australian UV and possible staining.


Have our team, with our modern equipped machines, High Pressure cleaning your Melbourne home or businesses concrete surfaces and seal with our high quality sealing products if required. 


Its never too late to give us a call to keep your concrete surface clean and correctly maintained. 


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High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

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High Pressure Cleaning 

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