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Concrete Resurfacing

Posted By Spray on Professionals  
15:00 PM

Why Concrete Resurfacing


Have you been staring at your plain, old or even damaged concrete and thinking its time to do something about it.   Thinking the only option is to have to completey remove and replace it.. well concrete resurfacing may be the answer you are looking for. A wide range of existing concrete areas can be resurfaced, for example paths, carparks, garages and one of the most popular is driveways.


Concrete Resurfacing can be achieved using a wide variety of products and application methods over numerous existing concrete surfaces. Ultimately concrete resurfacings main objectives is to repair and revitalise your old existing concrete surface into something fresh and new again, while saving you time and money on complete replacement. Concrete resurfacing can also play a big part into addding value to your home or premises.


One of the most common concrete resurfacing methods would be spray on concrete resurfacing as is it a low cost, very hard wearing product and can be applied in a wide range of decorative finishes including spray on paving patterns including tile aswell as exposed aggregate look which is very modern. Spray on concrete resurfacing is a polymer modified cement overlay system that is x2 times stronger than standard domestic concrete surfaces with excellent abrasive and anti slip properties.


Another common form of concrete resurfacing is the application of epoxy coatings for internal concrete surfaces like the home garage or commercial factory and office spaces. Epoxy floor resurfacing is designed to improve the decorative look, but most importantly improve the performance of the concrete surface by protecting it from staining and damage. Epoxy concrete resurfacing is applied in a wide variety of decorative finishes, highly chemical resistant and easy to maintain.


The cost of concrete resurfacing will largley depend on factors, such as size, existing concrete condition and the chosen decorative look required.