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Common Concrete Resurfacing Options

Posted By Alan Zammit  
14:00 PM

Common Concrete Resurfacing Options


If the idea of having to completely remove your existing, old and tired looking concrete to introduce a new and fresh look around your home or business sounds extreme.  The great news is that you may not have to as most existing concrete surfaces can easily be resurfaced, saving you the hassle, destruction and a lot of time and money on the replacement option.  There are many great practical and economical options that concrete resurfacing specialists can help you with to revitalise your old concrete and make it fresh again at a fraction of the price of replacement.


Essentially "concrete resurfacing" is cleaning and preparing a surface ready for a suitable coating that is both suitable for the existing surface and to achieve the desired look for the customer.  It is important to always make sure you have a suitable and sound existing surface for all resurfacing applications as they rely heavily on a good sound base.  If there is any major structural damage or cracks from extreme ground movement, resurfacing may not be the a suitable option.


Here we will discuss the most common resurfacing application that are currently on the market being used on Driveways, Paths, Entertainment areas, Garages for Both residential and commercial applications.


High Pressure Cleaning

Sometimes a concrete surface can be transformed with purely just simple high pressure clean. Using the correct professional cleaning equipment combined chemicals if necessary can remove dirt, tyre marks, oil and any stains left behind bring your concrete, both plain or decorative back to its original state.  Whether you are a home or business owner, maintaining a clean, presentable and hazard free concrete surface is crucial.  High Pressure Cleaning of your concrete not only provides a positive impression of your property, but also helps to maintain the service life for many years to comes.

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Cleaning and Resealing 

Cleaning and Resealing is an excellent concrete resurfacing option as it is generally an inexpensive application.  Once the concrete surface has been high pressure cleaned it could becomes clear that it will require a resealing application due to it looking dull, porous and even faded from the harmful UV rays and just overall wear over its life. Concrete Cleaning and Resealing should be carried out as a routine maintenance to reduce fading and stabilise the colour of your concrete. Cleaning and Resealing will also greatly reduce staining, while making future high pressure cleaning much easier and manageable, keeping the concrete surface clean and vibrant.  Concrete cleaning and resealing achieves this by penetrating into the pores of the concrete, then in turn protecting it and making it harder for dirt and pollutants to fill the pores, preventing a dirty and stained concrete surface.

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Spray On Concrete Resurfacing

Spray on Concrete Resurfacing, also sometimes referred to as Spray on paving, Stencil Crete and Spray Crete, is a fantastic low cost and permanent concrete resurfacing application.  Designed for both the customer who currently have either a plain concrete or existing decorative concrete surface that requires a permanent, natural, anti slip and hard wearing resurfacing product to transform the appearance of there current concrete surface. Spray on concrete resurfacing will not only save you money and time on concrete replacement, but will add enormous impact, appeal and value to your property. 

Spray on concrete resurfacing is x2 stronger than standard concrete and can be applied in a wide range of methods to achieve many finishes, from a natural stencil patterns to a exposed aggregate look.  Spray on concrete resurfacing is a Polymer based cement resurfacing coating that is designed purely, to be used on a wide range of concrete surfaces, for example driveways, carparks, courtyards, entertainment areas, paths and many more.

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Epoxy Concrete Coatings

Epoxy concrete coatings are fantastic product for protecting and transforming the appearance of your internal garage, workshop, retail spaces and food processing environments, due to there high chemical, stain and wear resistance.  Epoxy concrete coatings are a liquid resin combined with a harding agents, which can be applied in various decorative finishes, from a simple plain colour to a more decorative flake a finish. Some other great benefits are that it is highly resistant to water, mould, bacteria growth, wear and is highly light reflective.

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